Back to School with Reliant Safety

Comprehensive Instruction 

For workers who are involved with construction, industrial environments, and oil and gas, safety protocol is paramount to ensuring efficient operations. This begins by ensuring that workers are equipped with the requisite knowledge and skills to execute safety protocols with confidence. Our Core Class presents information from safety professionals with over 50 years of combined industry experience to deliver relevant safety information for a multitude of safety operations.  


We make sure our training class does not only prepare attendees to learn and execute safety procedures but also to complete corporate certifications in the process. Our Core Class safety training includes OSHA training which is a 30-hour training that focuses on helping workers reduce the risk of workplace hazards.

Fall Protection Awareness 

In our Core Class, students will learn about workplace falls and common situations where they occur. Not only will they become aware of safety falls but also learn proactive approaches about how to prevent falls from happening. The safety of the worker is a fundamental component of the success of any company. We strive to make sure every attendee is well equipped to deal with falls in the workplace and address them before they happen. 

Scaffold User Training

Construction operations or other industrial situations that require scaffold use are areas of focus that we take seriously. The objective of our Scaffold User training will be to communicate relevant information that way attendees will be able to implement learned skills into their workplace safety protocol. We also make sure that our students are able to participate in hands-on learning activities. In doing so they will be able to apply these skills with confidence when the time comes. 

Basic Qualified Rigging and Signal Person Training

Basic Qualified Rigging 

In addition to the extensive training, our Core Class provides we have a basic training component. This training is tailored to teaching students essential information about Basic Qualified Rigging and Signal Person safety operations. Basic Qualified Rigging will teach attendees basic level knowledge of rigging gear inspection, proper rigging procedures, and load control techniques. This also includes problem-solving workshops to test the student’s understanding of information.  

Signal Person 

Signal Person training instruction will include:

  • Hand Signals
  • Standard Voice Communication
  • Basic Understanding of Crane Operations, Limitations & Capacities
  • Site Considerations, Safety Issues, and Hazards
  • Applicable Federal, State, and Provincial Regulations & Standards

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The Ray Lambright Excellence
In Safety Award

Paul Johnson at Reliant Safety Solutions, LLC, (RSS) was honored as the recipient of the 2016 Associated General Contractors Ray Lambright Award. This particular award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated superior leadership and a dedicated commitment in implementing their company’s safety and health program in protecting the safety of all construction workers.


Our Mission
Reliant Safety Solutions, LLC (RSS) was established to help reduce safety incidents, mitigate risk and provide solutions for its clients by protecting human lives and safeguarding business viability. Workers across the United States and in various industries face dangerous work environments every day. Reliant Safety Solutions provides a highly skilled team of industry safety consulting professionals with more than 50 years of combined industry experience, ready to mitigate multiple risks in any construction, industrial, oil and gas work environments.


Safety Training
Reliant Safety Solutions, LLC (RSS) provides safety training that include development and implementation of corporate safety programs, safety education/training, safety certifications including OSHA-10-hour and 30-hour, onsite certified safety professionals, detailed audits, and risk mitigation reporting for the construction, industrial, oil and gas industries. We welcome the opportunity to see how we may be of service for improving your company’s safety training protocols.