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Reliant Safety Solutions, LLC (RSS) provides dedicated safety services that include development and implementation of corporate safety programs, safety education/training, safety certifications including OSHA-10hr & 30hr, onsite certified safety professionals, detailed audits, and risk mitigation reporting for the construction, and oil and gas industries. This has afforded RSS the opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience in many sectors, including commercial construction, petrochemical, pipeline, energy, and numerous general industry areas.

RSS ensures clients receive cost effective compliance assistance. Our knowledgeable staff works closely with clients performing risk assessment and identification of hazards. RSS helps prevent accidents / incidents that are presented in your work area. 



Safety compliance can be challenging particularly if your company does not have its own dedicated safety resources. RSS provided knowledgeable and reliable safety support you can trust to step in and, without delay, get to work keeping your most vital resources safe on the job without down time.

Having a comprehensive health and safety program in place helps increase workplace safety and prevents potential liabilities for employers. RSS has the knowledge, experience, and resources to help employers become compliant with industry standards and regulations.

We have over 50 years combined experience delivering award winning industrial workforce safety solutions and industrial safety training to reduce risk and save lives.

A message from our President.

“Risk is everywhere, it’s easy to overlook or improperly recognize things that could cause harm, delay a project, or even worse…cost a life. At Reliant Safety Solutions our job to identify, assess, and mitigate those risks. Sometimes that means taking immediate action, other times it means setting up proper training for your team, either way we will be by your side to guide and lead you to a safer environment. A better tomorrow starts with being safe TODAY.”

– Paul Johnson, President, Reliant Safety Solutions, LLC